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The financial need for each business varies based in their situation. It is the responsibility of the private finances in offering their best possible financial solution to help the businesses achieve their goal.

We at RG enterprise offers you the solution that best fits all your business needs. With our years of experience, we provide the best private finance in Chennai that meets the requirements of all type of customers.

Some of the benefits of applying for private finance in Chennai with RG enterprises includes the following:
  • – Flexible loan options
  • – Our flexible loan options allow you to avail loan at any time and under any situations. It also provides the flexibility to repay your loan at your convenience.
  • – Quick and easy finance
  • – All you need to have is 20 lakhs turnover per month. You can avail 5 to 50 lakhs loan at a competitive interest rate.
  • – Business loan approved in a short span of time
  • – Getting a private finance in Chennai is very much easy. Despite meeting the eligibility criteria and having minimal documentation, you can avail on an average of 50 lakhs for your business.
  • – No collateral is required
  • – With RG enterprise, one can get collateral free business loan without the need of your assets to finance your business.
  • –  Flexible solutions
  • – The loan amount for your business and repayment tenure can be determined based on your convenience.
  • – Your business loan can be approved in a short span of time in just 24 hours. RG enterprises are one of the hassle – free loan provider that helps in meeting the financial needs of the businesses anytime.



Availing private finance in Chennai with RG enterprises comes with great offers which includes the following

  • – Diamond – 75L + transactions per month
  • – Platinum – 40L – 75L transactions per month
  • – Gold – 15L – 40L transactions per month