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Banking loan for business

Features and benefits of business loan


Do you own a business in Chennai and are looking for a business loan in Chennai from the right choice? Apply with RG enterprises today and we are here to provide loans for business and help you with your business growth.


RG enterprises always have an edge over other private finances in Chennai because of the following


  Loan applications are processed in a faster way

  Business loan interest rate is reasonable

  RG enterprises do not demand any collateral or security to avail small business loans

  Flexible options for EMI

  Minimal documentation is required for availing loans for starting a business

  The operations of RG enterprises are fully digital


Business eligibility criteria


There are several finances for business available in Chennai RG enterprises that can provide you business loans without the need for any security. In order to avail an unsecured business loan in Chennai, the following business loan eligibility criteria need to be satisfied.


  Your business should be located and functioning in Chennai

  Minimum turnover of your business should be 15 lakhs and above

  Your business should have been established for more than a year

  The age limit of the person availing business loan should be between 25 years and 65 years of age

  You should be a citizen of India


How to apply for a business loan at RG enterprises?


We at RG enterprises make the process of applying for a business loan as simple as possible. One need not wait in a long queue for a prolonged period of time to get to know about the status of the application. With RG enterprises, the process of applying business loan is both easy as well as customer-friendly. One can apply for a loan online or by visiting the branch office.


Online loan application


  You can apply online through the RG enterprises website

  You need to enter the required details about your business and about yourself

  Also enter the amount you are expecting as a loan and the preferred tenure

  Once the required information is provided, the approval of the loan is provided within 48 hours once the application passes the verification process

  Customized loan offers are also available for you to choose

  The amount will be credited to your account upon the approval of the loan


Visiting the branch office


If you want to have a direct conversation with the team, you can visit our branch office in Chennai. Our executives are customer – friendly and will assist you with the required information and will help you to fill in the application form


The interest rate for a business loan in Chennai


Business loan charges are considered the most important of all the other factors involved in applying for small business loans in Chennai. The following charges and interest rates are involved

Rate of interest – 15% to 25%

Loan amount – up to 5 crores

Document processing fee – NIL

Loan repayment – flexible EMI


Why you choose RG enterprise for a business loans?


If you are still wondering as to why you should choose RG enterprises for availing start-up business loans, here are some of the reasons that will help you to decide


Ensures incredible growth of the business


Chennai is considered the prime location for setting up a business. And now is the right time to start your business in Chennai. Take up business financing in Chennai and help yourself to make your dreams come true.


Availing a business loan is as easy as possible


If your business is running short of funds, you can look for term loans offered by private finances in Chennai. It is not essential to go through the documentation process before availing a business loan.


Does not demand collateral


Unlike banks that demand security to avail loans, RG enterprises do not demand any security. They offer collateral–free loans.


No hidden charges


RG enterprises do not charge any extra pay to sanction the loan amount.


Provides greater comfort in offering loan


You need not worry about how to get a business loan in Chennai. Your loan amount will be sanctioned within 48 hours of application of loan.