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Private Finance for Business

Private Finance in Chennai for Salaried

RG enterprises are one of the best-known private finances in Chennai that provides business loans based on certain eligibility criteria. RG enterprises ensure faster processing of loans, that the loan amount can be processed within a short span of one day.


Immediate approval of the loan

Applying for quick loans in Chennai with RG enterprises is highly trustworthy as they process the business loans as fast as possible and approves on the same day of applying.

If you looking for obtaining unsecured business loans in Chennai, then the best private financier in Chennai would be RG enterprises.


Minimal documentation is required

Paperless approval is the motto of RG enterprises. We do not demand you submit all the documents to process the loan. Only a few mandatory documents such as address proof, age proof, business proof, and such are required.


No hidden charges required

RG enterprises will not charge any extra fees for processing the loan. Hence, RG enterprises are considered one of the best private finance in Chennai for salaried.


Repayment is easy and flexible

RG enterprises provide the most flexibility in applying for loans. The minimum amount can be paid in case if you feel difficult to pay the EMI in time. RG enterprises offer the best personal loan interest rate.

Also, interest can be paid only for the amount withdrawn and not for the loan amount applied.


Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria are to be satisfied to make yourself satisfied for applying for quick loans in Chennai.

  Should be the citizen of India

  Age should be above 21 years

  Monthly turnover should be greater than 15 lakhs

  The identity proof should be valid

  Business should have been established for at least one year


Private Loan Types

Private Financer In Chennai

Gold Profile Finance

Gold Profile Finance is generally provided to Individuals such as Business Man, Doctors, Pharma, White Collar Professions, CEO’s, Regional Heads and High Profile Professions. This Finance is provided based on clients business or transactions for an amount of Rs 15 lacs to 25 lacs(Per Month). Interest Rates depend upon the business transactions. No Finance Company are ready to fund negative business profiles like Real Estate and Construction Businesses where the term of the loan is uncertain. Gold Profile Finance is Normally provided for short term purpose to meet their business needs by validating their profile.


Platinum Profile Finance

Platinum Profile Finance is generally provided to Network Business who belong to High Networth Individual (HNI) & Non-Residential Indian (NRI). These People generally raise funds and are managed by their personal auditors and their own well-wishers on financials. This Finance is provided based on clients’ business or transactions for an amount of Rs 25 lacs to 75 lacs (Per Month). Interest Rates depend upon the business transactions. These Profiles of Finance are highly influenced and have credibility because they have proceeded through successful phases and verified the Business Model.
Best Personal Loan Interest Rates


Interest Personal Loan

Diamond Profile Finance

Diamond Profile Finance is provided based on clients’ business or transactions for an amount of Rs 75 lacs and above ( Per Month). Interest Rates depend upon the business transactions. High Profile Businesses such as Star Hotel, Shopping Mall, Corporate Entity and some Niche Angel Investors for short term funding. In most of the scenarios this kind of funding is called business to business funding as it is easy and safe to process, we know a number of companies or financiers who deal with B2B funding. These Financiers in Chennai charge you low interest rates and give you a long term repayment term with a flexible repayment schedule. Minimum of 2% Rate of Interest and Maximum of 10 to 12 Months Repayment schedule for your business. Profile Verification by these Financiers is lucrative than others. This segment of the profile will be Checked on high-performance business transactions and high credibility business models before processing this kind of funding.